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A Pet’s New Home

By Stephanie Hansen

Community Manager for Monkey Bar Storage

August 2014

Many homeowners get so excited when taking their pets home for the first time and seeing how they react to their new environment. And rightfully so, pets are both precious and adorable! However, what many people forget to do is prep their home before the pets arrive. Sadly, many people who don’t do this have ended up having animals with tummy aches and in severe cases, having to rush pets to urgent care after they’ve ingested something that they shouldn’t have. Use these tips to make your home, garage, and lawn safer for your furry friends.

Eliminate choking or strangulation hazards. Anything with a loop in it can be a potential problem. Keep cords short and cover wires or electrical cords so that little friends don’t get caught up in them.

Don’t leave human foods or medications where animals can reach them. This means items that the pets can climb up to also. By discarding perishable trash daily, it will prevent the temptation for pets to rummage through it. Consider purchasing a trash can with a top closing lid so that access isn’t easy. Make smells not as prominent by using a light sprinkling of baking soda and a tight fitting lid.

Put lawn and car chemicals in lockable spaces. That’s right, regular cabinets just aren’t enough to keep out these smart animals. Place car chemicals and garden products in lockable cabinets. Not only do they keep the items out of the reach of furry critters, but they also provide a barrier in case plastic containers leak over time. An additional plus? They make your area look less cluttered.

Pay special attention to appliances. Kittens and puppies can easily sneak into an open dishwasher, washing machine, or oven, if you leave them open. Be sure to teach animals at a young age that they are not to get into these spaces at any time. Creating a space that is their own will also help to eliminate this risk.

None of these steps are especially hard to do. They will just take work and special attention over time. By implementing these tips you’ll be on your way to a safe and fun space for your pets to live in.

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Stephanie Hansen

Community Manager for Monkey Bar Storage

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